Hagg-Sauer & Campus Renovation Questions

Your input is valued throughout the renovation process. If you have questions regarding the renovation projects, please submit them here to Karen Snorek, Bemidji State’s Vice President for Finance and Administration. All questions will be reviewed and answered weekly.

Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex

What’s happening with the black box theatre?

Acoustical work will be done in the black box theatre to comply with the music accreditation requirements.

Classroom Technology & Items

Regarding classroom technology, Geri Olson will be handling all of the display technology; but display items (like antique computers) will not be removed by IT and it is the teacher’s responsibility to remove those items.

This is at true statement.

When packing up classrooms, there are a lot of fixed assets that need to be tracked, so work with BSU inventory officials to track items.

This is a true statement.


Are department chairs expected to initiate the meetings with the Office of Finance & Administration or with Karen/Travis initiating the meetings?

Currently, the department chairs have been asked to attend a meeting in September. After that Karen and Travis will meet with the individual departments that are affected.

When faculty offices move updated signage to inform and direct students?

Temporary signage will be done until permanent signage is updated. Maps of the buildings will also need to be updated.

There are currently no faculty on the task force, will you be interacting with faculty on what they want in the classrooms in which they will be teaching?

Yes, we will be meeting with all departments that will be affected in this project.

Has anyone begun to address equitable scheduling of classrooms for the transition?

Yes, we will be reviewing the schedules.


For the spring construction scenario will they be jackhammering and such during the day? Could there be an optimized schedule working around these types of issues?

Yes, there will be jackhammering and we are trying our best to move classrooms away from the noise. We will also do our best to work with the construction crew on schedules.

Who is demoing? Can the public collect some of the demo’d brick?

Question submitted by Amy Weiher

At this time the demolition subcontractor has not been hired.  We will do our best to salvage some brick.


What do we do about office furniture?

BSU office owned furniture can remain in the offices UNLESS there is specialized furniture that was purchased for an individual, an example being a desk that might raise.

If we have furniture in our current offices that we are fine with keeping, can they be moved?

The bonding dollars have a designated amount of furniture purchase, the plan is to have uniformity of furniture throughout the newly remodeled spaces.  The exception would be if there is specialized furniture in the office or classrooms. All renovated spaces will receive new furniture.

Will bookshelves be included in the new furniture?

Bookshelves are not included in the offices due to past experience when BSU has ordered bookshelves and not all were used. We will work with offices individually on bookshelves after the “owner” moves in.

If faculty have additional furniture (i.e filing cabinets or a small couch) in their current office, and they would like it moved to their new office, can they label it and have it moved?

Each office BSU will be equipped with a desk, desk chair, office chair and file cabinet. The size of the office that the owner will be moving into will determine what else might be able to fit.

If there are whiteboards in classrooms that departments have paid for, can these be moved to new classrooms or offices?

This depends on how the whiteboards were initially installed (screw vs. glue) and where they are going. Whiteboards that were glued to the wall will not fare removal. The new remodeled rooms will all have whiteboards.

Item Disposal

How can one dispose of old equipment or items (i.e. adding machines, roller bags for computers) that are no longer necessary to their department?

There will be dumpsters and trash bins available to the owners that are needing to move. If you would like to start disposing of items, please contact Sandy Beck and she will assist you. If these items are old enough to be archived as university artifacts, please contact the A.C. Clark Library.

Will DocuShred/recycling bins be available during the move-out process?

Yes, DocuShred and recycling bins will be distributed. DocuShred bins should be used for items that are confidential. Reminder: no clips or folders; staples are acceptable. If you have questions about what can be included in DocuShred bins, contact Roseanne Erickson.


What should faculty who are teaching summer sessions do when they don’t have an office?

Very good question. We will work with the summer instructors in the spring semester once we know who will all be teaching on campus.

On behalf of the short faculty and staff, please take into consideration white board height and presentation furniture.

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate for all heights.


Will you be providing dollies and carts in Hagg Sauer during move out?

Yes,  Sandy Beck will be responsible for all the moves.

Once the new building is completed and faculty/staff are moved is there any intention to have those people move again?

After the completion of this project in 2020 we do not anticipate having to move anybody again.  During the construction some owners might have to move to a temporary location and then to their permanent location.

Will new/temporary offices be re-cored to existing keys or new keys?

At this time the plan is that new keys will be distributed.

Is there a chance we could get boxes soon? 

Two thousand boxes have been ordered this week and labels are being printed.  Once the boxes are available we will notify everyone through the website.

If faculty have disabilities that make it difficult for them to load boxes where do they get help?

Contact Sandy Beck, she will make accommodations.

Is it correct that the faculty moving in Spring will still have classes?

Yes, there should be no changes in the spring course offerings due to the renovations. Classrooms will be changed, times might be changed.

If you need help moving early, use SchoolDude process and put a work order in.

If items are boxed up a month and a half early, can we put a work order in and move it early. As long as the label can be filled out – meaning that the owners know their next location.

I would like to begin the process of inventory de-accession and furniture/equipment removal earlier. If we can begin earlier, is there a point-person in inventory currently with the inventory coordinator position unfilled?

Question submitted by Colleen Deel

For any department or program that is wanting to start disposing of furniture or equipment prior to the scheduled move-out date, please contact Dana Danielson (2044) or Josh Velez (2776).  They will make sure that the items are disposed of in the correct order offering first to BSU or NTC.

Sattgast Hall

Have you checked to see if the 2nd floor of Sattgast Hall is ADA compliant?

All remodeled spaces will be ADA compliant.  The architects must comply with all ADA rules and regulations.

Is anything happening in the Sattgast Hall Aquatics lab or department?

There are no scheduled construction projects in the aquatics lab or department.

For those who teach in Sattgast Hall 248, a different room will need to be assigned, who is making those assignments?

The registrar’s office will determine room assignments throughout this project.

Storage & Office Items

If there are delays with the construction of the new offices/remodel will we still have to move out of Hagg Sauer and where do we put all of our stuff?

Hopefully there will not be a delay in the new office remodel, however Hagg Sauer will be demolished in the summer of 2019 therefore everyone and everything must be out of Hagg Sauer at the end of the spring term 2019.

In regards to removing personal items from our office spaces for liability purposes, does that apply to materials we use for our jobs – personal items, i.e. $4,000 worth of musical scores, not covered by BSU insurance?

BSU insurance will not cover personal items lost or damaged during the moves. Our suggestion is to pack and take home personal items. If it was not purchased by the university, it is considered a personal item.

Magnetic media, dvds, etc., this does not survive well in warm areas. Work with IT to figure out how to store them.

This is a true statement.

Are the storage containers weather tight?

The containers will be weather tight, but will not have heat or air conditioning.