Project Objectives

Active learning: The proposed 27,700-square-foot Hagg-Sauer Academic Learning Center — less than one- third the size of the current 82,000-square-foot Hagg-Sauer Hall — features advanced technology and a variety of flexible classrooms designed to promote collaboration and actively engage students in learning.

Cut maintenance backlog by $9.3M: The demolition and new construction and renovation will erase a $9.3 million backlog of deferred maintenance, much of it related to water intrusion from a faulty design, and remedy poor accommodation of students with disabilities.

Faculty-student engagement: Renovation and renewal of four other campus buildings will group faculty offices in learning communities of related disciplines where students will be welcome and encouraged to meet with professors outside of class. The gathering of departments in related fields will also make it easier for community members and visitors to locate and meet with faculty.

Increased space and energy efficiency: A gain in use of BSU academic space from just 47 percent today to 75 percent by 2020 will remedy a persistent concern about utilization campus-wide, while also reducing the university’s carbon footprint thanks to the new building’s smaller size and LEED-certified design.

Alignment with priorities: Together, these advances support Minnesota State’s strategic goals of ensuring access to extraordinary education, being the partner of choice for Minnesota employers and communities, and delivering higher education of the greatest value and affordability for the people of the state. Likewise, the work will directly support BSU’s mission to “create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly accessible learning environment committed to student success and a sustainable future for our communities, state and planet…”

Renovations Taskforce Committee

  • Architect – Bentz/Thomas/Rietow (BTR)
  • General Contractor – Terra General Contractors
  • Owner’s Rep – AFO Consultants
  • BSU’s Rep:
    • Tony Peffer, Academics
    • Randy Westhoff, Academics
    • Travis Barnes, Facilities
    • Ricky Richter, Facilities
    • Mark Schmitt, Facilities
    • Matt Marsh, Facilities
    • Mike Smith, IT
    • Geri Olson, IT
    • Scott Theisen, IT
    • Karen Snorek, IT/Facilities/Finance