Life and Disability Insurance

The State of Minnesota offers life and disability insurance programs benefits to eligible employees and their eligible family members.

Life Insurance

As a State of Minnesota employee, you enjoy an excellent package of basic benefits, including life insurance. You also have the option to go beyond the basics to build a stronger, more comprehensive financial protection program for yourself and your family. The voluntary, supplemental option allows you to choose the amount of insurance that fits your personal and financial situation.

Disability Insurance

Short-term disability insurance provides you with income when a non-work related injury, illness or pregnancy results in your total disability. Benefits will begin on the first day of a disability due to an accident or on the eighth day of a disability due to illness or pregnancy. Benefits will not be paid for any day you are not under the care of a physician. Benefits will not continue for more than 180 days for any one period of total disability. Long-term disability (LTD) insurance provides you with income when an injury or illness results in your disability beyond 180 days. Benefits will begin on the 181st day of a total disability due to an injury, illness or pregnancy and are payable until your normal retirement age, as stated in the 1983 Social Security amendment, which is determined by your date of birth.

Employee Claim Process

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