Wellness Activities & Events

2022 All Campus Health Fair

Vendor Registration

There is no fee for vendors, however we do ask that you donate a door prize valued at $25 to be giving away during the event.  We will give out the prizes throughout the event.

To participate as a vendor, please fill-out the application.

Employee Wellness Certificate

In an effort to increase work-life balance with BSU and NTC employees, the Living Well Working Well Committee is offering a wellness certificate.  This certificate integrates within the missions of BSU and NTC.  Faculty and Staff at Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College, who participate in this program, resolve to align themselves to lead inspired lives, create a sustainable future and nurture personal enrichment with robust engagement.

The wellness program will enable faculty and staff to model the lifestyle we want our students to develop.  There will be a positive impact on the curriculum of our health related programs by our faculty and staff role modeling healthy lifestyle activities.

Attendance at eight events will make a person eligible for a wellness certificate.  Participation in events must occur between August 22, 2022 and December 10, 2022.

Click here to sign-up.
Self Reporting forms available.

Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Wellness Certificate recipients:

  • Sondra Gudmundson
  • Kristi A. Karels

Congratulations to the Fall 2020 Wellness Certificate recipient:

  • Sondra Gudmundson

Congratulations to the Summer 2020 Wellness Certificate recipients:

  • Margie Giauque
  • Teresa Hanson
  • Kari Kantack-Miller
  • Cynthia Pederson

Congratulations to Spring 2020 Wellness Certificate recipients:

  • Angie Clark
  • Angela Coan
  • Christy Cook
  • Jennifer Fraik
  • Amanda Gartner
  • Margie Giauque
  • Mary Gish
  • Lisa Gubrud
  • Nancy Haugen
  • Michael Herbert
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Lisa Jones
  • Amber Lafflin
  • Jo Li
  • Jordan Lutz
  • Wendy Potratz

Past Lunch and Learn Sessions

Tuesday, March 31: Work-life balance when working from home.
Watch the 20-minute video presentation by clicking on the image below.  For access to the archived Zoom Session, click here.

Click on the links below for additional resources included in the presentation:

Tuesday, April 21: Doshas @ noon.

Doshas. Facilitated by Angie Clark. Now is a good time to practice Svādhyāya, self-study. You can take your yoga off the mat and learn about the Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. With the shift in society, you may be feeling off. You can bring yourself into balance by learning about your Doshas and following some Ayurvedic techniques (science of life).

For example, if you have strong vata you may want to create more of a routine for yourself; perhaps setting a standard bed time and wake-up time. You can implement a daily routine as basic as tongue scraping and using nose oil in the nostrils before bed.  In addition, for your home asana practice you may want to include some forward folds, child’s pose, and a nice long savasana.

Read this brief article and take the Dosha quiz is at the bottom of the page.  Once you discover your Dosha, read the tips or choose one of the yoga practices below to bring your Vata, Pitta or Kapha into balance.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation from this workshop.

Tuesday, April 28 @ noon: Guacamole for the Soul-e learn to make a healthy guacamole snack – facilitated by Jenna & Ben Trisko.  Use this link to view the recorded Zoom Session.  Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday, May 5 @ noon: How to Strengthen Your Well-being in Troubled Times with Margie Thomas Giauque.  Use zoom link at top of page to participate.  Please review this document prior to the workshop.  Here is a link to the presentation.

Tuesday, May 12 @ noon: Emotional Wellness, Therapist led discussion of hard topics and how we are really managing – facilitated by Amanda Gartner. Use zoom link at top of page to participate.  Click here for a link to the presentation.

Tuesday, May 19 @ noon: Reducing Waste Throughout Your Lifestyle – facilitated by Jordan Lutz.  Click here to view the recorded Zoom session.

Tuesday, May 26 @ noon: Working from home “new normal” Ergonomics – Facilitated by Joe Kapaun from Choice Therapy. Click here to view the recorded Zoom Session.  Click here to view the hand-out on recommended stretches.

Tuesday, June 2 @ noon: Mindfulness – Facilitated by Sue Rickers. Click here for the powerpoint presentation.  Click here for the recorded Zoom session for the workshop.

Tuesday, June 9 @ noon: Get Out and Garden: A Beginner’s Guide and Reminders for Experienced Gardeners. Facilitated by “Cathy Peck, Plant Granny.”  Click here to view the recorded Zoom session for the workshop.

Tuesday, June 16 @ noon: Strength Training from Home – Facilitated by Dallas Charles, BSU Director of Strength & Conditioning & PJ, Assistant in Strength & Conditioning. Click here for the recorded Zoom session for the workshop.  Click here for the strength training powerpoint. Click here for the “Setting up a Program” powerpoint.  Click here for Youtube channel for the Strength and Conditioning campus program.

Tuesday, June 23 @ noon: Self-Care through Equine-Assisted Learning – Come find out about equine-assisted learning and see a demonstration of this modality. We’ll be in the pasture – online – addressing the important topic of Self-Care.  Presented by: Angie Fournier, BSU Department of Psychology and Liz Letson, Eagle Vista Ranch & Wellness Center.  Click here to view the recorded Zoom session.

Tuesday, June 30 @ noon: Canning and Pickling Basics with Jack Judkins and Michael Simpson. Join this pre-recorded demonstration to learn how to extend the life of the growing season’s bounty.  Click here to view the recorded Zoom session.

Tuesday, July 14 @ noon: Safe Zone training – Use this opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. Facilitated by Dr. Ye (Solar) Hong, Coordinator – Student Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.  To view the zoom session please click here.  To participate in a live individual or team training, please schedule a session with Dr. Ye (Solar) Hong directly.

Tuesday, July 21 @ noon: Mental Health – Presented by Dr. Jerrod Spring.  Dr. Spring specializes in psychiatry and behavioral health.  He treats:

  • Adults with developmental delays or intellectual disabilities
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Trauma-related disorders

Hosted by Yvette Anderson, Director of Student Center for Health and Counseling Services.  Click here to watch the recorded session.  Click here for the PowerPoint only.

Tuesday, July 28 @ noon: Telehealth: A Changing Landscape for Primary Care Practice.  Facilitated by Gwen Verchota, PhD, APRN, CNP, Assistant Professor- Nursing & Graduate Programs Coordinator, Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Hosted by Jenn Fraik, LWWW committee.  Here is the link to view the recorded Zoom session.

Tuesday, August 4 @ noon: Employee Assistance Program (EAP), New Changes since July 1.  Facilitate by a member of the BSU/NTC HR Team.  Click here to watch the recorded zoom session.

Tuesday, August 11 @ noon: Suicide Prevention: What we need to know – Learn about the Bemidji Area Suicide Prevention Program and ways we can partner to support our students. Facilitated by Kelly Brevig, Suicide Educational Services Coordinator at Evergreen Youth & Family Services. Receive hands on resources and learn how and where to reach out for mental health support. Use Zoom link to view recorded session.

Click here for information on upcoming ASIST Training at Oak Hills College in September 2020.

Click here for Blob Tree hand-out.

Click here for color check-in hand-out.

Click here for SOS emotion coloring hand-out.

Tuesday, August 18 @ noon: Gillett Recreation Center Opening with Mark Morrissey and Duane Biehn hosted by Jay Passa, LWWW. To view the Zoom recording, click here.

September 29 @ noon: Cooking Demonstration with Sue Doeden

Sue Doeden of Bemidji will be offering a cooking demonstration.   You may recognize Sue from her Wednesday evening cooking segment on Lakeland Public Television.  During the Lunch and Learn on Sept 29 Sue will facilitate a live session sharing recipes that nourish the body with fall season foods.  This session was not recorded.  Click here for the recipes shared.

Thursday, Nov. 19 at noon: Movember Men’s Preventive Health with Brian Paramore Hosted by Jenna & Kari from the LWWW Committee.

Wednesday, Dec. 2 at noon: Calming the Nervous System in Unprecedented Times with Dr. Lora Bertelsen hosted by Jay Passa and Amanda Gartner.  Click here to watch the recording.

Motivational Interviewing led by Donna Pawlowski held on March 22, 2021 at 12 pm.  Click here for the Zoom recording.  Click here for the handout.

Resilience and Our Capacity to Heal held Mar 30, 2021 11:47 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

Click here to view the meeting recording.

Click here for Loneliness 101 Video.

  • M & M’s for the Soul, Mindfulness and Meditation A spoonful of science: learn qualities, skills, and purpose for the practice. Two part series. Led by Sondra Gudmundson, Sue Rickers, and Angie Clark.
  • To view the powerpoint from the first session, click here.  Here is the Zoom recording from the first session.  Here is a supplemental video for your viewing too.  To view the powerpoint from the second session, click here.  To view the Zoom recording from the second session, click here.

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset. Led by Liz Letson.

To view the recording from the first session, click here.

Employee Yoga
Recorded Sessions Available.

Set-up your laptop, get out your mat, click on any of the links below and follow Angie Clark as she guides you through a virtual yoga practice.

Click here to view the recording from the April 16, 35-minute Vinyasa Flow Class.

Click here to view the recording from the May 21, 35-minute Vinyasa Flow Class.

Click here to view the recording from the May 28, 35-minute Vinyasa Flow Class.

Click here to view a recording of a 63-minute, Slow Flow Vinyasa Class focusing on Santosha (complete contentment).

Examples of how BSU/NTC Faculty and Staff are exploring wellness-Summer 2020

Dr. Christel Kippenhan shares information about open water swimming. Click here to watch the video.