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Megan Zothman                                               megan

Chief Human Resources Officer
Influence Employees.  Impact Lives.

Build and maintain a workplace that is respectful and professional toward all employees, volunteers, contractors, and other persons visiting the work place and public service environment.

Provide a campus culture that ensures a safe environment for all employees to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally.

Create a team of employees that value and advocate for diversity and inclusiveness.

Promote a healthy balance of work and life for all employees.

Ensure bargaining unit contracts are administered appropriately and effectively.

Train supervisors and administrators on leadership competencies and supervisory skills.

Connect campus to community through charitable giving and service volunteering.

Lead through Envisioning, Enlisting, Embodying, Empowering, Evaluating, & Encouraging. (The Student Leadership Guide by Brendon Burchard)

Lead the Human Resources Team in all HR functions including:

Recruiting.  Administering Compensation & Benefits. Onboarding & Training.  Providing Safety Tools & Compliance. Promoting Professional Development. Assisting in Performance Management.  Planning Workforce & Succession.  Defining Organizational Structure.  Committing to Retention. Providing Customer Service.  Maintaining Confidentiality.  Adhering to Policies & Labor Contracts.  Encouraging Employee Relations.  Advocating for Diversity.  Championing Inclusion.  Ensuring Ethics & Integrity.  Providing Awards & Recognition.  Engaging in Community Giving & Service Volunteering.  Ensuring Well-Being through Living Well, Working Well.  Providing Employee Assistance Programs.  Heightening Engagement.  Creating and Maintaining a Respectful Workplace.  Embracing Campus Culture and Events.

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HR Specialist

Designated Department Insurance Representative (DDIR) for all employees. Provide assistance in the administration of insurance benefits, pre-tax benefits, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), short & long term disability, Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Leaves of Absence, Unemployment, unclassified/classified retirement, and Workers Compensation, Sabbaticals, Separations/Resignations, Adjunct Faculty (IFO/MSUAASF/MSCF/MnSCU Administrators)

Secondary Areas of Responsibility:

Advertising/Recruiting, Personnel Data, and Recruitment processes/procedures/ ImageNow.

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Ashleigh Haugen  

HR Specialist

Job Searches, Classifications & Audits, Tuition Waivers


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Luke Grundmeyer 

HR Specialist

Job Searches, Classified Bargaining Contracts, Personnel Data

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