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IFO Summary (2014)
Classified - Support Staff (2014)
Administrator (2015)
MSUAASF - Administrative & Service Faculty (2014)
MSCF Summary (2014)


Bemidji State University offers a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, retirement and optional savings plans, life and disability insurance, along with vacation and sick leave plans depending on employment classification.

The State offers the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan to all benefits-eligible State employees. Under Advantage, you will receive comprehensive health benefits and excellent medical care. Advantage also gives you control over your personal medical care costs and flexibility in choosing your health care providers.

The State also offers comprehensive dental insurance as well as several elective optional coverages.

Open Enrollment is conducted annually, when employees may change their benefits. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, no changes may be made except in the case of a qualifying family status change. 

Other Helpful Resources:

  • Minnesota Management & Budget Web site
  • Eide Bailly Benny Card

    Check your balances and transactions for your pretax medical/dental account! To register to use this site your Username will be your SEMA 4 (payroll) ID number + the last four digits of your SSN and your password will be your SEMA 4 (payroll) ID number + the last four digits of your SSN. Upon initial login you will be instructed to create and confirm a new password.

    Phone #: 1-(800)300-1672 for customer service

For more questions, contact:

Carol Hess, 218-755-2445 or Cheryl Berglund 218-755-2501

(NOTE: Not all employees may be eligible) For those employees not eligible for health benefits visit: