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Wellness Activities / Events

SEGIP is pleased to offer the Prevent program to employees and their adult family members at no cost. Prevent is a 16-week online program that helps participants make small changes that can have a big impact such as losing weight, improving  health, and reducing the risk factors that lead to chronic disease like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The average participant loses 11 pounds during the 16-week program.




SEGIP members and their adult dependents are eligible.

Find out if you qualify by taking a one-minute online screener at



• 1 in 3 Americans has prediabetic symptoms, such as elevated blood sugar levels.

• 90% of those with prediabetic symptoms don’t realize they are at risk.

• Most people can decrease their risk by losing 5-7% of their weight. (For a 200-pound person, that’s 10 pounds).


Prevent guides you to better health with:

• A professional health coach to customize your program and check in daily

• A wireless scale that automatically uploads your weight to your own private page

• Weekly lessons so you understand which changes will have the biggest impact

• A small group for encouragement and support


Don’t forget to take the screener to see if you’re eligible for Prevent. We’re excited to start the journey toward a healthy lifestyle together.


Living Well, Working Well Survey Results

Below are the results of the Living Well, Working Well survey.


  • 74% of the respondents are interested in a wellness program at BSU and NTC
  • 72% of the respondents are thinking of changing health behaviors
  • 87% indicate stress negatively impacts their health
  • 94% indicate they do not get enough physical activity
  • 80% indicate they need to lose weight
  • The main topics of interest are:
    • Exercise/Fitness
    • Nutrition/Weight loss
    • Relaxation
    • Social Activities
    • Financial strategies
  • Respondents had the following ideas/recommendations:
    • Have challenges like "Biggest Loser"
    • Organize partners/buddies to exercise
    • Organize walking teams
    • Some people suggested that membership for the Rec. Center should be free. Unfortunately this is not possible, because the Rec. Center is funded by student fees.


The results of this survey will be used to set priorities for fulfilling the Living Well, Working Well (LWWW) mission, which is "a workplace that encourages, empowers, and supports employees as they strive to live well and work well". 

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you during the year. If you are interested in helping with the programming, please contact us.