BSU & NTC Licensing Panopto for Campus Use

By Brian Jambor

panopto-thumbPanopto is a lecture capture/personal recording solution that is currently being implemented at BSU and NTC by ITS.

Panopto provides a cloud hosted media server for videos related to teaching and learning. Panopto provides an easy to use presentation personal capturing software that allows users to record, edit, and share recordings.

Instructors, staff, and students can record demonstrations, and/or supplemental materials synced with PPT slides or other content.

Capture your screen, audio, and/or video inputs from webcams and other devices.
Panopto is capable of integrating with D2L Brightspace (MinnState D2L staff and Panopto are currently working on this) so videos may be viewed only by users enrolled in a Brightspace Course or made public for anyone to view.

Some popular uses of Panopto include:

Flipping classes
Recording lectures
Student recordings
Lab demos
Broadcasting events

ITS will release more information about usage and training as Panopto gets deployed. For more information visit Panopto for education on the web. 

Panopto for Education