Words With Nerds Project Funding

By Brian Jambor


calendarITS-Educational Technology is available to fund small projects as part of the Words with Nerds program. The project funding is intended to fund hardware, software or service requests of $100-$200 that benefit teaching and learning. Availability is limited to $1,500 per semester.

Project examples include:

Purchases of online services and software (Flipgrid, Prezi Pro, YellowDig, meeting software, VoiceThread, collaboration tools, etc.)

Installed software (Adobe Presenter, Camtasia, Dragon Speaking, iOS/Android apps…)

Peripherals/devices that extend functionality of computers, tablets or smart devices—
writing, measurement, camera, microphone, microscope, wearable, instrument or other interface.

Awarded projects require the recipient to participate in a scheduled Academic Tech Talk– Words with Nerds session during the academic year describing the project and provide evaluation of product/service.  Participation in an EdTech Video (3-5minute overview) explaining the project and how the tool was used is encouraged.

To submit a proposal for funding visit the online request page.

For more information or project ideas please contact:

Brian Jambor
Deputy 161