IT Services offers a variety of tools to backup, recover and sync your files (Windows).

by Andrew Wilkinson

IT Services provides BSU and NTC users with automatic tools that back-up, recover and synchronize your files.

Folder Redirection

Faculty and staff at BSU and NTC benefit from a feature called Folder Redirection.  Folder Redirection is a technique that ensures files saved to the Windows local Documents folder are also routed and securely saved to the user’s network folder.

Offline File Synchronization.folder-sync

Offline File Synchronization ensures files stored on the network are synchronized to an employee’s university issued computers. This allows access to the Documents folder anytime a user finds him or herself ‘offline’ — or away from the campus network.

When a user returns to campus, having made edits to files on a state-owned computer, the system automatically identifies the ‘newest’ copies of files and synchronizes the necessary changes between the network and computer.  These features are enabled by default for employees and generally do not require adjustments.

It is important to note: ONLY files in the Documents folder are secured and synchronized. Files stored on the Desktop or other locations are not part of redirection and synchronization.

My Computer died!  Did I lose my documents?

The benefits of these techniques can prove immeasurable for those who experience a catastrophic hard drive failure.  After being issued a new laptop, the Documents folder and its contents are immediately available to a user without data loss.

How much space do I have?

Faculty and staff have a default Documents folder storage quota of 15GBs.  If you require additional space, please inform the help desk and we can work with you to adjust.

Your BSU network folder should not contain personal data.  Large photo, music or video libraries can take up valuable space.  Consider backing up these files to an external hard drive instead.  Use of MinnState resources for personal purposes may violate policies on acceptable use.

Additional resources:

Your BSU OneDrive for Business account is another method for backing up your BSU data.  See our knowledge base article for more info.

BSU’s Acceptable Use Policy: