Free Online Whiteboard: AWW

By Brian Jambor

link to

Improve your classroom and brainstorming sessions using a shared web whiteboard. Works great on computers, tablets and smartphones and there’s no installation needed.

We found this web application in ITS while looking for basic writing tools.  Our primary focus was to find a tool that Surface Pro 3 users could utilize while teaching in the classroom.  There were others that rated highly but were only for Windows 8.1 users.  This tool can be used on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone right from a browser.

You can start using it right away without any cost, or sign up for a premium plan.  For our purposes the free page provides everything we needed.  AWW works great while being projected in the classroom or while using Panopto and other programs during screen capture.

Try out AWW– A Web Whiteboard here: