Words with Nerds: Collaborative Work Spaces

by Brian Jambor

words with nerd logoApril 4th Noon-1PM
Library 236A

This session we will explore collaborative workspaces with:

Dr. Andy Arsham, Assistant Professor, Biology dept.
Words with Nerds: Hands-on with Office 365 online collaborative workspaces.

BSU’s institutional subscription to Microsoft Office 365 includes two very useful and interesting tools that can be used for real-time and asynchronous sharing in both the face-to-face and online classroom—this episode of WWN will be a hands-on experimentation session in which attendees will test and compare both of these collaborative workspaces.

OneNote is an intuitive and well organized notetaking program that allows capture and real-time syncing of pictures, data, web pages, text, and files with a large group of people. It includes private spaces for teacher-student communication, collaboration spaces for instant classroom communication and editing, and a library for distributing read-only material or templates to students.

Teams is a brand-new program that creates persistent meeting channels in which members can chat via text or video, share files/images/data, collaborate on documents. Both tools are well-suited to group work, collaborative projects, classroom or independent research projects, and online classes.

Feel free to bring your lunch–we hope to see you there!