Panopto Integration With Brightspace

by Brian Jambor

Panopto Logo

Panopto has recently been re–integrated with D2L Brightspace.  The biggest change for users is the ability to log in to Panopto using StariD credentials.

To log into your viewing and administration portal visit:
In the Sign in using drop down box: Select BSU’S D2L, enter your StariD and password, click the blue Login button.

Viewing is also now available on Android or iOS mobile apps by using the same server url and StariD credentials. Download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.


Faculty creating content can also launch the recording software by opening the software, selecting BSU’s D2L as the log in. Enter StariD (only id, dot not include and password.

After logging in, the recorder will operate normally.





Double check the course folder. Make sure it is set to class you want to record in. Use the drop down  box to select other courses you have set up in D2L.








For more information or assistance with Panopto contact the  ITS Help Desk:
ITS Department
Deputy Hall 161
Phone: (218) 755-3777