URL For MediaSpace Changing Dec.27

by Brian Jambor

Address (URL) for Kaltura MediaSpace will change on December 27

The address for Kaltura MediaSapce will be updated from the current https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu domain to the new https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu

on December 27, 2017. This is in keeping with the Board of Trustees’ decision to have the former “MnSCU” be known as “Minnesota State.”

  1. What happens to my videos?

Any links to videos that start with https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu should be updated to the new domain https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu.  For example,https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu/media/1_bbmsx8cg should be changed to https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/media/1_bbmsx8cg

  1. When should I update links to my videos?

Because attempts to login at https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu before December 27 will present users with the message, “Application Error,” links to videos marked as private or public should be changed after December 27.  Because viewers do not have to login to videos marked as unlisted, links to these videos can be updated with the new domain (minnstate.edu) today.

  1. Embedded videos do not need to be updated

You will not need to update “embed” code used to inserted videos on webpages or D2L Brightspace courses (“Insert Stuff”).  This embedded code will not change.

  1. Information for video links within D2L Brightspace

To assist faculty members with identifying hyperlinks in their D2L Brightspace courses that will break as a result of this change, the Academic and Student Affairs Technology Council has recommended that the System Office Site Administrators run an automated tool to identify the location of these hyperlinks and to fix these links on behalf of faculty members for selected areas of D2L Brightspace.  This tool will not search all file types saved in the course/manage files areas of D2L Brightspace courses. SeeKnowledge Article #1874 if you are interested in knowing how this tool works and the file types being searched.

By Wednesday, December 27, campus site administrators of D2L Brightspace will receive a list of hyperlinks impacted by this change and will communicate with affected faculty members.

If you need assistance with Kaltura MediaSpace, please submit a ticket at: https://servicedesk.MinnState.edu