URL For MediaSpace Changing Dec.27

by Brian Jambor

Address (URL) for Kaltura MediaSpace will change on December 27

The address for Kaltura MediaSapce will be updated from the current https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu domain to the new https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu

on December 27, 2017. This is in keeping with the Board of Trustees’ decision to have the former “MnSCU” be known as “Minnesota State.”

  1. What happens to my videos?

Any links to videos that start with https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu should be updated to the new domain https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu.  For example,https://mediaspace.mnscu.edu/media/1_bbmsx8cg should be changed to https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu/media/1_bbmsx8cg

  1. When should I update links to my videos?

Because attempts to login at https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu before December 27 will present users with the message, “Application Error,” links to videos marked as private or public should be changed after December 27.  Because viewers do not have to login to videos marked as unlisted, links to these videos can be updated with the new domain (minnstate.edu) today.

  1. Embedded videos do not need to be updated

You will not need to update “embed” code used to inserted videos on webpages or D2L Brightspace courses (“Insert Stuff”).  This embedded code will not change.

  1. Information for video links within D2L Brightspace

To assist faculty members with identifying hyperlinks in their D2L Brightspace courses that will break as a result of this change, the Academic and Student Affairs Technology Council has recommended that the System Office Site Administrators run an automated tool to identify the location of these hyperlinks and to fix these links on behalf of faculty members for selected areas of D2L Brightspace.  This tool will not search all file types saved in the course/manage files areas of D2L Brightspace courses. SeeKnowledge Article #1874 if you are interested in knowing how this tool works and the file types being searched.

By Wednesday, December 27, campus site administrators of D2L Brightspace will receive a list of hyperlinks impacted by this change and will communicate with affected faculty members.

If you need assistance with Kaltura MediaSpace, please submit a ticket at: https://servicedesk.MinnState.edu

Panopto Integration With Brightspace

by Brian Jambor

Panopto Logo

Panopto has recently been re–integrated with D2L Brightspace.  The biggest change for users is the ability to log in to Panopto using StariD credentials.

To log into your viewing and administration portal visit: https://bemidji.hosted.panopto.com
In the Sign in using drop down box: Select BSU’S D2L, enter your StariD and password, click the blue Login button.

Viewing is also now available on Android or iOS mobile apps by using the same server url and StariD credentials. Download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.


Faculty creating content can also launch the recording software by opening the software, selecting BSU’s D2L as the log in. Enter StariD (only id, dot not include @bemidjistate.edu) and password.

After logging in, the recorder will operate normally.





Double check the course folder. Make sure it is set to class you want to record in. Use the drop down  box to select other courses you have set up in D2L.








For more information or assistance with Panopto contact the  ITS Help Desk:
ITS Department
Deputy Hall 161
Phone: (218) 755-3777

Skype for Business Tutorial on Lynda.com

by Brian Jambor

Skype for Business is included in our Microsoft Office 365 license for full use by Faculty, Staff and Students. Skype for Business includes instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing. But how do I use it? Can I schedule meetings from Outlook? Do all of the participants need to install the client and be in my contact list?

Fortunately, our other licensed service, Lynda.com has a new course titled: Skype for Business Essential Training. The full course is broken into bite sized chapters and sub-chapters so you can click right to what you would like to learn more about. Keep in mind that our license may not have access to all of the features shown.

The course is set up in 5 chapters:

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Calls and Chats
  • Scheduled Meetings
  • Sharing Extra Content During a Call
  • Mobile Apps

ITS has also created local help files in our Knowledge Base on Skype for Business.

First time with BSU/NTC credentials.
Several other articles can be found in the Productivity Section of the KB

Follow this link to the Skype for Business Essential Training or click the image below.
Use your StarID@bemidjistate.edu credentials to log into Lynda.com

Words with Nerds: Collaborative Work Spaces

by Brian Jambor

words with nerd logoApril 4th Noon-1PM
Library 236A

This session we will explore collaborative workspaces with:

Dr. Andy Arsham, Assistant Professor, Biology dept.
Words with Nerds: Hands-on with Office 365 online collaborative workspaces.

BSU’s institutional subscription to Microsoft Office 365 includes two very useful and interesting tools that can be used for real-time and asynchronous sharing in both the face-to-face and online classroom—this episode of WWN will be a hands-on experimentation session in which attendees will test and compare both of these collaborative workspaces.

OneNote is an intuitive and well organized notetaking program that allows capture and real-time syncing of pictures, data, web pages, text, and files with a large group of people. It includes private spaces for teacher-student communication, collaboration spaces for instant classroom communication and editing, and a library for distributing read-only material or templates to students.

Teams is a brand-new program that creates persistent meeting channels in which members can chat via text or video, share files/images/data, collaborate on documents. Both tools are well-suited to group work, collaborative projects, classroom or independent research projects, and online classes.

Feel free to bring your lunch–we hope to see you there!

Remote Proctor Now Overview

by Brian Jambor

words with nerd logoThe Words with Nerds session this week focused on Remote Proctor Now and the D2L integration. View the GotoMeeting session above!

Remote Proctor Now is an online exam proctoring service that BSU/NTC uses to facilitate proctoring. Student use cannot be mandatory due to the associated fees, however, it is available as a student convenience at the discretion of the instructor.

Please contact me for more information on using Remote Proctor Now in your D2L/Brightspace courses. bjambor@bemidjistate.edu or #2056


Panopto Update Dec. 17th: Introducing New Features

by Brian Jambor

Panopto Logo

On Saturday, December 17, Panopto is releasing an update to Panopto that introduces in-video quizzing, new editing features, and more:

Quizzing — Instructors can add multiple choice, multi-select, and true/false questions into any video using the Panopto editor. Viewers can take quizzes in the interactive player, and instructors can access real-time reports of all responses.This new feature will be off by default, can be previewed by admin users, and can be turned on for all users via a site setting.

Captions — Users can access Panopto’s machine-generated speech-to-text captions and modify them in the video editor. In addition, users can customize the color, size, and position of captions during playback.

Primary Video Switching — For multi-camera recordings, video creators can switch between primary video feeds using the Panopto editor. This eliminates the need for costly video-switching hardware, making it easy to create professional-looking multi-camera events.

Enhanced Editing — In June, we introduced the industry’s first HTML5-based video editor. Now, we’re adding the ability to upload custom thumbnails, and to upload and manage slides within the video timeline.
For more details about the features in Panopto 5.3, check out our release notes.

Release Schedule:
Saturday, December 17: Panopto Cloud customers will be upgraded to the final build of Panopto 5.3. This release will require downtime.

For more information contact the Bemidji State ITS Help Desk:
ITS Department
Deputy Hall 161
Phone: (218) 755-3777

Machine-based captions available in Kaltura MediaSpace on 12/15/16

by Brian Jambor

MediaSpace users will be able to apply machine based closed captioning to all previously and newly uploaded video files beginning December 15, 2016. The service, provided by Cielo24, creates editable captions and searchable text with an 70%-80% accuracy rate. Captions need to be edited to meet ADA requirements.

Upload video to MediaSpace (Note: video needs to have “processed” in order for captions to be ordered.)

  • “Ordering” machine-based captions – Actions > Order Captions
  • It takes about 3x the length of the video for the captions to generate. You can check the status of your caption by clicking on “View Caption Requests.”
  • Once it is finished the transcript will be automatically generated under the video. If you click on parts of the transcript, it will play the video at the point those words are being said, like here:


Editing Machine Captions in MediaSpace
The accuracy of machine captions is dependant on the quality of the recording and the speaker’s voice. Typically, the accuracy of machine captions in MediaSpace will be about 70-80%, so it is strongly recommend that you correct the inaccuracies of the captions manually, which can be done through the captions editor in MediaSpace.

To edit a caption, go to the video file that you would like to correct and click “Actions,” then “Edit Captions


Note: You can only edit captions if your captions have been already been processed. Look for “Complete” under status to see if they have been processed. If you see “Complete,” you can launch the online captioning editor by clicking the link.


Once you click on the link you will be taken to “Customer Edit” (image below).
You can edit the captions while you watch the video in the text box under the video.


Online Editor Reminders:

  1. Online Editor is only accessible for captions created via “Order Captions”
  2. Using the “.” will create a new line for captions. Simply delete a “.” To bring two lines back together.
  3. Go to “Settings” to adjust the “Seconds to pause on edit”
  4. Save and Approve captions
  5. More tips available through cielo24 Training – https://youtu.be/tAMEvawJ5sk
  • Examining the “transcript” file and caption file (Actions > Edit – Captions)

Contact the Information Technology Help Desk for more information about MediaSpace and machine captioning.

Kaltura’s REACH captioning service offers both machine-based and human level captioning provided through the company cielo24. Minnesota State will enable the no- cost, machine-based captioning service. Minnesota State will be developing a plan to enable third- party human level within MediaSpace during Spring 2017.

Panopto Recorders Require Update

by Brian Jambor

panopto-thumbJuly 29, Panopto will require Panopto for Windows to be updated to version 5.1 or above. Panopto for Mac will also need to be updated to version 4.9.1 or above.

When will this change be applied to the BSU Panopto site?
Friday, July 29, 2016 at 5pm PDT.

Why are these updates required?
Panopto 5.1 includes important bug fixes for Windows clients. These fixes prevent data loss in certain circumstances. Panopto 4.9.1 for Mac includes important fixes to support the latest version of Keynote.

What will you see after this change has been applied?
When users run Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac, they will be prompted to update. Users then need to click the button to download and install the latest version of the app. See instructions for details on Windows and Mac.

Panopto for Windows Update Dialog:

Panopto for Mac Update Dialog:

Panopto for Mac Update Dialog - June 2016

Users will be unable to upload new recordings until they have upgraded.

When users download the Panopto for Windows update, will they get 5.1 or 5.2?
All users that are required to update (i.e. those users running version 5.0 or earlier) will download version 5.2.


RPnow Product Update Webinar

by Brian Jambor


Software Secure has made changes to the RPnow (online test proctor) system. BSU and NTC use this system in a number of online courses.

If you are an instructor and use RPnow in your courses, please take a look at the changes and new features available.

Please view the recorded webinar and take a look at the slide presentation to see what’s new in RPnow version

image-1 Click here for the Webinar

imageClick here for presentation slides

Contact the ITS help desk for more information about getting set up with RPnow.

Minor Update to Panopto Scheduled for 2/18

by Brian Jambor

Panopto Logo
On Thursday, February 18th at 7:00pm CST, Panopto is rolling out some minor updates to the video platform. Below, you’ll find details about the new functionality and the release schedule.

What’s New
In Panopto for Windows, a new set of options will appear after you complete a recording. These enable you to rename your video, add a description, or delete the video and re-record it.
Also in the Windows app, a new option will enable you to highlight your mouse cursor during screen recordings. To do this, simply go to Settings…Basic Settings and click the checkbox for Highlight the mouse cursor during screen capture.
Panopto is releasing a new 64-bit version of our Windows app. This will be available on an opt-in basis.

Release Schedule
Panopto Cloud customers: A new version of our 32-bit Windows app will release to Panopto Cloud 2/18 at 7:00pm CST. This will include the new post-recording dialog box and the cursor highlight setting. Panopto Cloud customers will receive this update automatically. There is no forced upgrade as part of this release. Also at this time, Cloud customers interested in enabling the 64-bit download of Panopto for Windows may request it from Panopto Support.