Panopto Being Upgraded to 5.0 — December 19th

By: Brian Jambor

Panopto Logo

Bemidji State’s lecture capture software service is being upgraded to version 5.0.
The Panopto 5.0 upgrade info webinar is now available on-demand. If you were unable to attend the Panopto sessions, or if you missed any part of the webinars, you can view it by visiting this link: Panopto 5.0 Webinar  The webinar recording is 29 minutes in length, however, you can navigate to the chapters of interest to you.

Not all material covered, specifically the remote recording and live streaming is applicable to BSU at this time due to our integration of Panopto and Brightspace.  After entering Panopto via D2L Brightspace, download and install the newest version of the recorder to update your recorder

What’s New at a Glance

  • Panopto for Mac now supports multi-camera recording and live webcasting.
  • Webcast viewers can now pause and rewind the live feed using a new DVR service.
  • Panopto for Windows includes a modern UI and the ability to record system audio.
  • Automated recorders support new permissions and include usability improvements.
  • Subfolders are easier to navigate and manage

    “This release includes new functionality across the platform for both end users and administrators. For end users, we’re bringing live streaming and multi-camera video capture to the Mac, a new modern UI and system audio capture to Windows, Tivo-like functionality to live webcasts, and a unique capability for controlling video recordings from your mobile device. For administrators, we’ve expanded the way that you can use automated recorders — granting limited or full access to non-admin users.”

To read more regarding the 5.0 release, visit the Panopto Blog post: What’s New in Panopto 5.0

For information on how to get started using Panopto at Bemidji State contact Brian Jambor: or contact the ITS Help Desk.


12/8 Academic Tech Talk: Oculus Rift

By Brian Jambor

calendarAcademic Tech-Talks. …(or Words with Nerds…)

Tuesday December, 8th, 1:00-2pm
Library 236A (next to eLearning)

This session will look at using various 3D software programs to develop virtual spaces for the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset with:

Drew Graham, Assistant Professor of Technology, Art & Design

The Oculus Headset has changed the way we view and interact with 3D models. We are no longer limited to viewing virtual objects on a flat computer screen. Through the Oculus, users can easily create and explore virtual worlds in real time. This session will demonstrate the workflow used to develop for the Oculus and will also showcase several demos of what the device can do.

Come learn about creating 3D world, Virtual Reality and the Oculus Rift in this Words with Nerds session.

For more information and to register, visit the event listing on the BSU calendar.

Watch an overview of the Oculus Rift in this YouTube video:

Adobe Connect Updated to Version 9.5

By Brian Jambor

connect_9.5What’s New In Adobe Connect 9.5

Adobe Connect, Adobe’s solution for web conferencing, collaboration, virtual classrooms and webinars has been updated to version 9.5. This release provides new features and functionality across many different areas of the product. Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • New Logo
  • Offline Recordings in MP4 Format
  • Smarter Video Pod
  • New Meeting Connection Icon
  • Changes to the Whiteboard
  • And more

For the full release information see the full release notes online at help.adobe 

Adobe is offering live training this week (Nov 16-20) on varying Connect topics.  Register on the Adobe Connect Events site.

For a more in-depth look at Connect view the training by logging in with your BSU credentials to the Adobe Connect Essential Training. *Please note that our license may not contain all features shown in this training.

If you are interested in using Adobe Connect for your live or asynchronous events please contact me or the help desk for information.


Office Mix: Interactive PowerPoint

By Brian Jambor

Office Mix

What is Office Mix?

Office Mix is a free extension to PowerPoint that makes it easy to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons.

From there you can  share them with your students and colleagues as a video file or as an interactive Mix on the Office Mix website.  You have full control over viewing permissions–ranging from private to unlisted to shared with the world! With Office Mix you can add:

  • Audio and video narration
    Real-time digital inking
    Screen recordings that show actions you take on your computer
    Quizzes and polls
    Simulations, videos, and live web pages

… all from within PowerPoint. Publishing a mix is as easy as uploading it to the web and deciding who can view it. The people you share it with can view your mix in any web browser on any device.

Office Mix has been in Customer Preview since May, 2014.  While tech reviewers claim Mix isn’t ready to replace products like Adobe Presenter, Camtasia, Captivate and Articulate yet–they say it’s getting close! I would agree and encourage you to give Mix a try.

For more information watch the Microsoft in Education short YouTube video below and visit the Office Mix on the web:


Free Online Whiteboard: AWW

By Brian Jambor

link to

Improve your classroom and brainstorming sessions using a shared web whiteboard. Works great on computers, tablets and smartphones and there’s no installation needed.

We found this web application in ITS while looking for basic writing tools.  Our primary focus was to find a tool that Surface Pro 3 users could utilize while teaching in the classroom.  There were others that rated highly but were only for Windows 8.1 users.  This tool can be used on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone right from a browser.

You can start using it right away without any cost, or sign up for a premium plan.  For our purposes the free page provides everything we needed.  AWW works great while being projected in the classroom or while using Panopto and other programs during screen capture.

Try out AWW– A Web Whiteboard here:


9/30 Academic Tech Talk: Using Prezi

By Brian Jambor

calendarAcademic Tech-Talks. …(or words with nerds)
Wednesday Sept 30th, 12:00-1:00 pm
Library 236A (next to eLearning)

This session we will explore the presentation software Prezi with:

Dennis Lunt, Assistant Professor/Director of Leadership Studies.

“Prezi, the presentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter.”–Prezi

Come learn about Prezi and how Dennis uses the application for delivering content in this Words With Nerds session.
Please register below if possible as space is limited. Light refreshments will be served!

Space is limited, please RSVP here.

9/15 Academic Tech Talk: Using Panopto

By Brian Jambor

calendarAcademic Tech-Talks. …(or words with nerds)
Tuesday Sept 15th, 1:00-2:00 pm
Library 236A (next to eLearning)

This session we will explore the newly licensed program Panopto with Brian Jambor, ITS Educational Technologist

Panopto Overview and Training
Panopto is a lecture capture/personal recording solution that has been implemented and integrated with D2L at BSU by ITS

Learn about Panopto and how to use the basic features in this Words With Nerds session
Feel free to bring your laptop for a hands on look at Panopto.

Space is limited, please RSVP here.

Panopto in the Knowledge Base.

By Brian Jambor

ITS has two Knowledge Base articles to help faculty set up Panopto in D2L Brightspace courses and copy recordings to multiple class sections.

To learn how to add Panopto to a D2L course view the KB article creating the Panopto Module.

To copy or move recordings to multiple course sections or semesters view the KB article Moving Panopto Recordings.

As always, contact the ITS Helpdesk/Education Technology with any questions about using or getting started with Panopto!





Words With Nerds Project Funding

By Brian Jambor


calendarITS-Educational Technology is available to fund small projects as part of the Words with Nerds program. The project funding is intended to fund hardware, software or service requests of $100-$200 that benefit teaching and learning. Availability is limited to $1,500 per semester.

Project examples include:

Purchases of online services and software (Flipgrid, Prezi Pro, YellowDig, meeting software, VoiceThread, collaboration tools, etc.)

Installed software (Adobe Presenter, Camtasia, Dragon Speaking, iOS/Android apps…)

Peripherals/devices that extend functionality of computers, tablets or smart devices—
writing, measurement, camera, microphone, microscope, wearable, instrument or other interface.

Awarded projects require the recipient to participate in a scheduled Academic Tech Talk– Words with Nerds session during the academic year describing the project and provide evaluation of product/service.  Participation in an EdTech Video (3-5minute overview) explaining the project and how the tool was used is encouraged.

To submit a proposal for funding visit the online request page.

For more information or project ideas please contact:

Brian Jambor
Deputy 161

Panopto Overview Session Aug 31, 2-3:00pm

By Brian Jambor

panopto-thumbPanopto Overview and Training
Panopto is a lecture capture/personal recording solution that has been implemented at BSU by ITS

Come learn about Panopto and how to use the basic features in a one hour webinar with Rebecca Lessem, Panopto Trainer.

Monday, August 31th, 2:00-3:00 pm
Ozawindib Room—HMU

· Panopto Viewer (5 minutes)
· Panopto Recorder (15 minutes)
· Panopto Web interface (15 minutes)
· Panopto Editor (15 minutes)
· Q&A (10 minutes)

Panopto provides an easy to use presentation personal capturing software that allows users to record, edit, and share recordings. Instructors, staff, and students can record demonstrations, and/or supplemental materials synced with PPT slides or other content.

Capture your screen, audio, and/or video inputs from webcams and other devices.
Panopto is capable of integrating with D2L Brightspace (MinnState D2L staff and Panopto are currently working on this)

Some popular uses of Panopto include:
· Flipping classes
· Recording lectures
· Student recordings
· Lab demos
· Broadcasting events

For more information regarding Panopto—visit

Please RSVP to Brian Jambor (

Brian Jambor
Educational Technologist
Bemidji State University