Classroom Technology Standards

Classroom and Conference Room Technology Standards

Technology Tiers
  1. Standard Classroom or Conference Room
    • HD projector and screen OR large professional grade HD LED monitor(s), depending on classroom size
    • Sound system with amplifier and speakers, appropriate for room size
    • Touchscreen control panel with Crestron monitoring integration (Roomview)
    • Wall plate with HDMI connection (and USB power as possible)
  2. Options – standard equipment, plus one or more of the following:
    • Document camera
    • Blu-ray player
    • Wireless microphone
    • Assistive listening system
    • Built-in lecture capture
    • Enhanced sound system (stereo, audio mixer, equalizer, sub-woofer)
    • Video conferencing
    • Multiple projectors
    • Large HD LED monitors in addition to the projector (appropriate for room size)
    • Interactive board (SMART)
    • Collaborative technology. (active learning-style setups)
    • LCOS projector for better color reproduction (ex. Canon RealIs projector)
    • iClickers
    • Apple TV or other wireless display device
    • Student computers



    Lecture Capture

    Bemidji State University has two methods of lecture capture, a software based portable system and a hardware solution permanently installed in classrooms.


    1. Panopto
    2. Crestron HD Recorder


    Instructor Stations

    Instructor stations should be large enough to be functional without feeling cramped, and have an adjustable height surface.

    There should be an HDMI cable with an adapter ring and an Ethernet cable for laptop connections. There should also be two electrical outlets easily accessible from the top of the work surface.

    If there is a dedicated computer in the lectern, the USB ports should be easily accessible either from the front of the computer or from USB passthrough ports in the top of the work surface.

    Equipment should be rack mounted in the instructor station with security screws. Any equipment with buttons should have a security cover if it is not meant to be user adjustable.

    Each instructor station should have four network jacks: 1 PC, 1 laptop, 1 Crestron, and 1 for future use.



    Lighting directly in front of the projector screen must be able to be turned off by a switch near the instructor’s station.



    Audiovisual Cables

    All audiovisual equipment connected to Cat 5e/6 cables should use green cables to distinguish them from network cables.



    Network wiring should be home runs wherever possible. The BSU network manager must approve any switches being used in the podium. Computers and Crestron equipment cannot be plugged into the same switch, since they are on different VLANs.


    Appendix A – Classroom Standard Equipment


    Document Cameras

    ELMO P30HD
    ELMO TT12d



    Sony VPL-FH30 4300 lumen WUXGA Projector
    Sony VPL-FH31 4300 lumen WUXGA Projector
    Sony VPL-PHZ10 5000 lumen WUXGA Laser Projector
    Sony VPL-FH500L 7000 lumen WUXGA Projector


    Projectors – large venue

    EIKI LC-HDT2000 15,000 lumen Widescreen Projector


    Projection Screen

    Da-Lite 88397LS 65”x116” Contour Electrol Wall Screen


    Audiovisual System + Interface

    Crestron DMPS-100-C
    Crestron DMPS-200-C
    Crestron TSW-752 Touch Screen


    Interactive Whiteboards

    SMART Board 885ix with Notebook 2015


    Instructor’s Lectern

    Spectrum Furniture Freedom One Sit-to-Stand Lectern


    Flat screen LED Monitors

    Sharp AQUOS 65”, 70” or 80”
    NEC E585
    Samsung MU-6300 Series


    Blu-ray Player

    Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-ray Disc Player
    Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Disc Player
    Sony UBP-X800 4K Wi-fi Blu-ray Disc Player


    Assistive Listening System

    Williams Sound PPA 457 Pro


    Wireless Microphone

    Audio-Technica ATW-3131b or ATW-3141b
    Shure ULX Standard





    Appendix B – Typical Classroom Installation Cost 2016
    Sony Projector Sony VPL-PHZ10 $3,000.00
    Projector mounting equipment Chief RPMCU, CMS440, CMS006 $300.00
    Flat-screen television Samsung MU6300 75″ $1,885.00
    Television mount Chief XTM1U $230.00
    Crestron touch screen control system DMPS3-200-C, DM-RMC-SCALER-C, TSW-752 $6,500.00
    Amplifier Lab.Gruppen E 4:2 $600.00
    Ceiling speakers JBL Control 24 $600.00
    Speech reinforcement – microphones and assistive listening TesiraForte Biamp, Williams Sount PPA457Pro, Audio Technica ATW3131B $3,500.00
    Power wall screen Da-Lite 65″x116″ Countour $1,100.00
    Document camera Elmo P-30HD $2,050.00
    Blu-ray player Sony UBP-X800 $200.00
    Instructor’s podium Spectrum Freedom One Sit-to-Stand $2,000.00
    Installation costs – may be lower if multiple rooms are done together $8,000.00




    Appendix C – AV Equipment Lifecycle


    Standard Components Standard Models Lifespan – min Lifespan – max Lifecycle Status
    Instructor’s podium Spectrum Furniture eLift 20 20
    Crestron Touchpanel Crestron TSW-750 7 10
    Crestron Control System Crestron DMPS-100-C, Crestron DMPS-200-C 7 10
    Projector (standard) Sony VPL-FH30, Sony VPL-FH31 5 7
    Projector (auditorium) Sony VPL-500L 5 7
    Projector (large venue) EIKI 6 9
    Document camera (basic) Elmo TT12D 7 10
    Document camera (standard) Elmo P30HD 7 10
    Document camera (ceiling) WolfVision 7 10
    Cable Cubby Crestron 7 10
    Projection screen (electric) Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol 10 10
    Projection screen (manual)
    SMART podium
    Interactive board SMART 885ix 7 10
    Wireless microphones ATW-3131 –lavalier, Shure ULXP 10 10
    Video conferencing (high end) Cisco 10 10
    Video conferencing (software)
    Hardware for Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx PTZ Cameras 7 10
    Wired Mics 7 10
    Lecture capture (installed) Crestron Capture HD 7 10
    Hardware for Panopto Cameras 7 10
    Microphones 7 10
    Large screen LCD monitors NEC 585, Sharp Aquos 7 7
    Classroom Response System iClicker 7 7
    Computer Dell 4 4