Video recordings of class presentations and other events on request. The video can be provided as a DVD or the video format of your choice. Please contact us three days in advance for video services.

Livestreaming of public events.

Media conversion of VHS and cassette tapes to digital formats. If the material is under copyright, you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

Duplication of DVDs and CDs, with permission from the copyright holder if the material is under copyright.

Livestreaming in HS100

Scanning slide transparencies to digital format.

Video conferencing in two fully equipped ITV classrooms or with portable equipment in almost any conference room or classroom. These rooms can be reserved for classes, meetings or other events. Video conferences can be established to other video conference rooms or to individuals using Skype, anywhere in the world. Schedule a video conference in BN 301 or Decker 15 directly with Classroom Technology Services.