BSU IT department recommends the following specifications for computers on campus.

Minimum specifications:

Windows Apple
Operating System Windows 10 Mac OS X 10.11 or above
Processor Core i5 CPU (6th gen or higher) Core i5 or m5 CPU (6th gen or higher)
Hard drive 512GB (or greater) SSD hard drive 512GB (or greater) SSD hard drive

Look at your class’s required software (if any) for minimum hardware requirements. Some software has very specific hardware needs that not all computers can accommodate. For example, if you plan on using any 3D Rendering Software or ArcGIS, make sure the video card (GPU), processor (CPU), and memory (RAM) exceed the software publisher’s minimum specs.  Please contact your instructor or the IT service desk if you have any questions.

Students and employees are eligible for hardware discounts from our educational partner stores. Check our our hardware purchasing page for more info.

Faculty and staff, for information about our current refresh cycle, or to learn about how to request additional tech resources for your office or department, please contact the IT service desk.

Explore our recommended Windows systems in our Dell partner site.  Go to the purchase page for more info.