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Create a meeting using Adobe Connect

How to create an Adobe Connect meeting, adjust its settings, and send out an invitation for your event.

Uploading files to MediaSpace

Basic overview of how to upload a file to MediaSpace.

Add Remote Proctor Now to D2L

How to set up a D2L Brightspace module for use with the online proctoring service Remote Proctor Now. It is important that this module is either unpublished or in draft mode. Also, students do not use this module to take exams. See the exam taking URL in this this KB article

Upload a Closed Caption File to a MediaSpace Video

How to upload created closed caption files (.srt) to your videos in MediaSpace

Connecting to a Wireless Display with Windows 10

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter allows you to connect wirelessly to a projector or monitor that has an HDMI connection and power available.

Upload Outsourced Closed Captions to Panopto

Adding an outsourced, human generated closed caption file to a Panopto recording

Adding and Editing Machine Based Captions in Panopto

How to add Automatic Speech Recognition captioning to Panopto files. This produces a 70-80 Percent accurate file that will need to be edited using the built-in Panopto editor to meet ADA requirements.

Adding and Editing Machine Based Captions in MediaSpace

Order and edit no charge machine based captions for MediaSpace videos. Automatic Speech Recognition provided by Cielio24 is 70-80 percent accurate and should be edited by using the built in editor.

How to Upload Videos to MediaSpace using your Phone

  Record your video with your Android or iPhone Camera application. In your phone’s web browser, navigate to and log in with your StarID. Warning: uploading video can use a lot of data. We recommend that you only upload video when you have a wifi connection. Click the + in the top right hand […]

How to Access Adobe Connect

How to log in to your Adobe Connect account