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WordPress and custom web programming help.

Accessing Your Website Pages

WordPress gives you several different ways to access the Pages tool for a page you wish to edit. The two most common are: From the Dashboard, you can use the “All Pages” link under the “Pages” menu item to see a list of all pages on your website. This list is limited to 25 pages […]

How to hyperlink in WordPress

Hyperlinking means that you are linking text or photo to a website or URL of your choice. How to hyperlink text or photo content on your website: Highlight the text or photo you want to hyperlink. Click the paperclip icon in the toolbar. A text box will appear; copy and paste the URL of the […]

How to customize a form notification in your WordPress form

WordPress automatically generates a default confirmation and notification system for gravity forms and they can be found in the settings menu of each gravity form. By default, each form submission is sent via email to all of your website’s editors. This means what every submission will be emailed to everyone who has access to your […]

How do edit your website’s faculty/staff listing in WordPress

Many sites within the BSU/NTC website multiverse use a Faculty/Staff Listing plugin that pulls information from the directory managed by Human Resources (HR). If this plugin is activated on your website and you have a page dedicated to the faculty and staff for your department, the page itself will appear empty. This means that there […]

How to replace a document or a photo in your WordPress media library

This process is fairly simple, however when updating documents, please consider using this filter to identify documents that may be crucial to BSU’s or NTC’s general archive: Are you replacing a .pdf or media file that has minor grammar/spelling errors? If so, feel free to replace the document without archiving the original. Are you replacing […]

How to add an image to a WordPress page

You can add images to a webpage when you are in the editor’s suite. Images can be placed in the main content box or the secondary content column. Click “Add Media.” This will prompt a Media Library upload option. If you are uploading a new image, you can drag and drop a photo into the […]

How to add video to a WordPress page

WordPress makes embedding videos very easy. However, the video will need to be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. WordPress does not currently support mp4 (video) uploads. Copy the video’s URL and navigate your site to the webpage that will hold the video. Situate your cursor where you want the video and paste. The video will […]

How to link one WordPress page to another

Pointing or redirecting pages in WordPress is a helpful feature when you want to redirect users from your site to another. For example, the American Indian Resource Center’s main navigation has several pages that redirect to other sites within the BSU multiverse. The child pages in the example to the right are great examples of […]

How to build a form and use it on your website

In WordPress, submission forms are called “Gravity Forms.” You can access your website’s gravity forms by entering the back-end of your website and clicking “forms” in the left navigation. To create a new form, first enter your website’s dashboard. Once there, you can create a new form by: Hovering over the “+New” link in the […]

How to gain access and log in to WordPress

To gain access to a BSU/NTC website, email the IT helpdesk. If you do not already have a WordPress account, be sure to include your StarID and the URL of the page to which you want access. Follow these steps to log into WordPress: Go to or Click “MyBSU” or “MyNTC” in the top right corner […]