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How to properly clean and disinfect IT equipment

If you need to disinfect a laptop, keyboard, printer, phone or other equipment, you can safely use the Clorox wipes in the yellow tubs. You also may use Oxivir wipes.  Please see Disinfecting Electronics with Oxivir Tb Wipes There are some bleach based blue tubs you should avoid using to ensure the coatings on the […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices

Please refer to Minnesota State’s FAQs for the most up to date information.  They are found at:    

Do-Not-Call Registry

This article describes how to sign up for the do-not-call registry to help you avoid calls from telemarketers.

Approving, Ordering and Using Cellular Services

FAQ's regarding BSU owned cellular devices and plans.

Receiving a BSU Mobile Device (Smartphone or tablet)

This article provides general information regarding BSU owned cellular devices.