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Articles in Macosx

Delete a Profile in Outlook (Mac OS X)

Delete a profile (account) from Outlook on Mac OS X

Import Contacts (including Contact Lists) in Office 2016 (Mac OSX)

Import an Outlook for Mac Archive file (.olm).

Export Contacts (including Contact Lists) in Office 2016 (Mac OSX)

How to export contacts (including contact lists) from Outlook 2016 on Mac OSX.

Add a New Profile in Outlook (Mac OS X)

Add a new profile (account) to Outlook on Mac OS X

Skype for Business: Install on Mac

Use the self-service app to make sure you are using the latest version of Skype for Business on your Mac.

Configure Outlook 2016 on your personal computer.

How to configure Outlook 2016 client on personal Mac or Windows computer.

How to open an app from an unidentified developer and exempt it from Gatekeeper

Opening an un-trusted app in Mac OS

Update options for Office for Mac

Adjust update settings for Office for Mac.

Keeping your Mac computer updated

Keep your Mac computer up to date using these update methods.

Installing updates and new software on your BSU Mac

Use the Self-Service app to find available programs and updates for your BSU-issued Mac OSX computer.