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Articles in Ms Outlook

Didn’t receive an important email? Check your Other Inbox.

"Focused" and "Other" inbox in Outlook-- what are they, and how can I make sure I don't miss important messages?

Use FindTime to schedule an event across multiple calendars

Use Microsoft's FindTime to schedule a meeting across multiple calendars.

Forwarding an email message as an attachment.

Forwarding a message as an attachment.

Setting BSU or NTC as the default institution in Outlook address book

Select BSU or NTC as your default address book in Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Use the Address Book to find contacts in Outlook desktop client.

Use the Address Book to locate contacts from the Outlook desktop client. (Windows).

Create a new profile in Outlook 2016 (Windows 10)

Add a new profile to your Outlook 2016 application (Windows)

Delete a Profile in Outlook (Mac OS X)

Delete a profile (account) from Outlook on Mac OS X

Add a New Profile in Outlook (Mac OS X)

Add a new profile (account) to Outlook on Mac OS X

Create a new Calendar in Outlook

Create a new calendar in Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Using BSU and NTC listservs

Faculty, staff and administrators at BSU and NTC have the ability to distribute email messages to an entire campus using listservs.