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Articles in Office 365

Add a New Profile in Outlook (Mac OS X)

Add a new profile (account) to Outlook on Mac OS X

Create (or edit) a forwarding rule in Office 365 Mail

Use an email forwarding rule to send your Office 365 email to another email account.

Backing up Contact Groups (Contact Lists) in Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Instructions to locate, export, and import your contact lists from and to Outlook 2016

Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Office 365

Configuring multi-factor authentication in Office 365.

Schedule a Skype for Business meeting from Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Schedule an online meeting with someone using Outlook 2016 (Windows)

Create a new Calendar in Outlook

Create a new calendar in Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Log in to Office 365

How to access Office 365 from the MyBSU or MyNTC portals.

How to log into Skype for Business (Windows desktop client)

Log in to Skype for Business on Windows desktop client.

Skype for Business: Recording a Meeting

How to use the Skype for Business recording feature. Windows only.

Skype for Business: Audio and Video Configuration

Set up your camera, microphone, and speakers in Skype for Business.