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Articles in Office 365

Skype for Business: Starting a Conversation

Using Skype for Business to start a chat, voice, or video call.

Skype for Business: Finding and Launching

Use Skype for Business to chat, video, or audio conference with colleagues -- within your institution or around the world. This article details how to find and launch the app from your computer.

Skype for Business: Install on Mac

Use the self-service app to make sure you are using the latest version of Skype for Business on your Mac.

Skype for Business: Adding Contacts

Search and add contacts from internal and external Skype for Business directories, as well as Skype personal contacts.

Opening a shared Outlook Calendar in Office 2016

Add a shared calendar to Outlook 2016.

Sharing Outlook Calendar in Office 2016

Give a user permission to view (or modify) your Outlook calendar.

PowerPoint 2016 and Presenter View. Windows.

How to use presenter view in PowerPoint 2013, Windows.

Install Microsoft Office 365 to your personal device.

Office 365 is the online and offline version of Microsoft's productivity suite. Follow these instructions for help on how to download.