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Articles in Windows

Setting BSU or NTC as the default institution in Outlook address book

Select BSU or NTC as your default address book in Outlook 2016 (Windows).

Use the Address Book to find contacts in Outlook desktop client.

Use the Address Book to locate contacts from the Outlook desktop client. (Windows).

Configure Outlook 2016 on your personal computer.

How to configure Outlook 2016 client on personal Mac or Windows computer.

Add a new account in Outlook

Adding another account to Outlook 206.

Forget a WiFi network on a mobile device

How to remove a WiFi network from a mobile device. Instructions for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Connect to BSU or NTC Wi-Fi using Windows 10 Mobile (Phone)

How to connect your Windows 10 Mobile phone to BSU or NTC wifi using your StarID credentials.

Selecting or changing a default printer, Windows 7

Select or change your default printer in Windows.

The PaperCut Widget

This article provides information regarding the PaperCut widget.

Set gray-scale printing as default. Windows 7

Set your printer to always print in gray-scale. Windows 7.

Keeping your Windows computer updated

Using the Window's Software Center application to keep your computer up to date.