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Opening a shared Outlook Calendar in Office 2016

Once someone has shared their Outlook 2016 calendar with you, you’ll need to add it to your calendar to view it.

  1. Open Outlook 2016
  2. Click CalendarOutlook-sharing-calendar-calendar-link
  3. Click Home and click Open Calendar and select From Address Book from the drop down menu.Outlook-sharing-calendar-open-calendar
  4. Search for the employee’s name whose calendar you wish to access; click OK.
  5. If the employee has granted access, the calendar will open and will list the employee’s name under Shared Calendars on the left side of the Outlook. You can (un)check the box next to the name to toggle the calendar view.Outlook-sharing-calendar-check

If you receive an error message or do not have permission to access the calendar, you’ll need to request permission from the calendar owner.

Click here to view the KB on how to share a calendar: