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AIRC 128: smart room instructions


AIRC 128 seats 40 people in desk rows.

This room has a widescreen projector which will match the resolution of laptops with widescreen displays. Best results will be with the laptop display resolution set to 1920×1200, but the projector will automatically adjust to other resolutions such as 1024×768.

Touch the touch screen panel to BEGIN


Connecting a Laptop
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere. You may need to press harder than you think.
  2. Connect the VGA or HDMI cable that extends from the top of the media cabinet to the correct port on the laptop. An adapter may be necessary if the laptop does not have a VGA or HDMI monitor port. All MacBook models will require an adapter. Note that the adapters for HDMI and VGA are different.
  3. VGA: Connect the audio cable to the headphone jack on the laptop if you wish to use the Sound System in the room. HDMI: Audio jack is not required. On MacBooks using the HDMI adapter, you may need to go to System Preferences | Sound, and select HDMI as the sound input.
  4. Power up the laptop. If the laptop display is not shown, configure the laptop to send output to a second display.
  5. Make sure the amplifier is powered on. Adjust the volume from the touch screen.
Using the DVD/VCR Player
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere.
  2. Press the DVD button to play a DVD, or the VCR button to play a VHS tape.
  3. Insert the DVD or VHS tape you wish to show, and press play on the touch screen panel.
  4. Make sure the amplifier is on. Adjust the volume on the touch screen.
Using the Document Camera
  1. Turn on the touch screen panel by pressing it anywhere.
  2. Press the document camera button on the touch panel.
  3. Turn on the document camera.
  4. Place the document or item to be shown on the bed of the document camera.
Turn off System
  1. Press the shut down button on the touch screen panel.
  2. Confirm or cancel the shutdown.
  3. Lock the media cabinet. The touch screen will go to sleep in a few minutes.
Please see our KB articles for tutorials on using the touch screen control panel and the document camera.