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Connect to a Projector with Windows 8 or Windows 10

How to connect a computer running Windows 8 to a projector or TV monitor:

1.  Turn on the projector or external TV monitor, and then connect the computer.

2.  Press Windows key + P or open the Charms bar, click on the Devices charm, and click on Second screen.proj3.  Choose Duplicate from the monitor selection panel to synchronize your display with that of the monitor.proj2

  • PC screen only – The second screen is ignored, only the main display is used.
  • Duplicate – The main display is mirrored on the second screen.
  • Extend – The second screen is used as a second monitor. Windows can be dragged between the main display and the second screen.
  • Second screen only – The main display is disabled, only the second screen is used.

4.  To change screen resolution, open the Desktop and right click on the wallpaper, then select Screen Resolution from the pop-up menu. Select your desired resolution and click OK. If you have any questions please call the ATC at x2759.