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Adding BSU Network Printers on a Windows Machine

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How to add networked printers on a Windows machine:

1.  Open Internet Explorer, other web browsers do not work. Type http://bsuprint/printers and press the Return/Enter key.

2.  At the Windows Security pop-up, enter your StarID credentials: username and password.
    – (BSU faculty and staff) or (BSU students)

3.  All the networked printers that you have access to will be displayed.

all printers on bsu printNote: The printers are listed in alphabetical order. Printers are named according to the building and room # they are in. After that, it is the actual printer name. If you don’t see the printer you want to add on the list, send an email to asking to be granted rights to that printer.

4.  Click on the appropriate printer. The page will now look like this:

no documents in queue


5.  Click the Connect button located under Printer Actions on the left menu (if the Connect button is not available you are not using Internet Explorer). Then click Yes to the following prompt, which is making sure you want to connect.

confirmation of connecting

***If you do not see the Connect button, you have a compatibility issue. To fix that, go to Tools, then Compatibility View Settings. Click Add. Click Close.

6.  You will then receive a confirmation page telling you the printer installation completed. Always print a test page.

pic of printer installation confirmation