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Create a meeting using Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is web conferencing software that supports online meetings and collaborations, virtual classrooms, break-out groups, and large webinars.  It is a provided to all BSU and NTC students and employees.  You can also use it as a phone-only conference solution.

Creating a meeting in Adobe Connect is easy, but first you need to log in to the service.  Please see our KB article, How to Access Adobe Connect, before continuing with these instructions.

  1. Once you are logged in to the Adobe Connect service, click the Create Meeting button to start configuring a new event.
  2. Give the event a name and adjust any other optional settings.  Click Next to continue.
  3. In the optional Participants tab, you can select specific users and assign them presentation roles.   If you are unsure about these settings, skip this step!  Click Next.Note:  Users must have previously logged in to the Adobe Connect service to be visible in the Available User list.  Non-Minnesota State students and employees can join your meeting as a Guest.  They’ll see that option when they follow the link in your invitation.
  4. Finally, you are ready to send out the invitation.  The Invitation tab in Connect provides you with text that you can Copy & Paste into an email or other communication to your participants.  Click Finish to return to the main meeting page.When users follow the link in your invitation, they will be prompted to log in with their StarID or join as a guest (non Minnesota State employees or students).
  5. To start the meeting, click Join from the main meeting page.  Participants won’t be able to access your meeting until you do.
  6. The first time you (and your participants) use Adobe Connect, they will be prompted to download and install the Adobe Connect desktop application.  This is a very small program and does not require admin rights to install.
  7. When the desktop app launches, you will be presented with some audio connection options.  Please select the option you want to use for this meeting.  Note: This is your personal audio selection.  If you are the presenter and are not using a microphone connected to your computer, then don’t select that option — no one will hear you.  Other people connecting to the conference will be given the same choices to connect.  All audio will route together during the meeting.
  8. When the meeting is complete, you must end the meeting or the recording will continue – possibly into another meeting.  From the Meeting menu, select End Meeting… to close the event and disconnect the phone bridge.

For more info about how to use Adobe Connect, please refer to the Help tab on the main meeting page.

Here is a video that walks you through how to access, create, and launch an Adobe Connect session.

Need help during a meeting?
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Meeting support is provided to Minnesota State by Arkadin Support.