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D2L Brightspace: Awards

D2L Brightspace now has an Awards tool that enables instructors to provide merit-based awards to students. There are two types of awards: Badges and Certificates. The awards “live” at the college, and instructors must associate the award with the specific course through the creation of release conditions. Badges and certificates are awarded based on criteria determined by the instructor.

In this tutorial you will:

  • Create a new award
      • Badge
      • Certificate
  • Add a release condition to an award
  • Add an existing award to a course
  • View awards for a Classlist
  • Manually grant an award
  • Revoke an award

Badges are meant to provide digital markers that represent accomplishment throughout a course or program. They are connected to a student’s profile.

Certificates include a PDF that users can print. They are typically used as an official statement for a milestone completed, such as the end of a program or practical exam.

This article is also available in PDF format.

There is also a helpful tutorial video available for this article.

Create a New Award
  1. Within the course, click Assessments on the navbar, then click Awards.
  2. Click Course Awards

  3. Click the Add Award to Course

  4. Click the Create Award
  5. Enter Name and Description for the new award, i.e. Exam 1 Completion.
  6. Click the drop down box in Award Type. Select either Badge or a Certificate.
Create a Badge
  1. Choose Badge as the Award Type and click Make this award available to all of my courses. You can also share it with others who may be teaching a course from your shell or restrict it to this specific course.
  2. Select the Expiry choice Never to allow the student to keep the award for future use. You can also make your award to expire on a fixed date or a relative time after the award is achieved.
  3. If you choose a Fixed Date, check the box for Notify Before Expiry, if you desire.
  4. Go to the Choose Award Image* and click From Existing Library. You also have the ability to Upload a New Icon from your computer or Create your own award image, if you desire.
  5. Choose the Badge Design you want to use from the library and click Select.
  6. Type the Issuer Name, URL and Issuer Contact, as desired.
  7. Add a checkmark to the box, Use this award in …. If you are ready to use it now.
  8. Click
  9. Your new Badge will be pictured in your list of Badges, although there are no release conditions associated with it at this time.
Create a Certificate
  1. Go back to Course Awards and click Add Award to Course.
  2. Click Create Award.
  3. Type a Name and Description for your award.
  4. Now click Certificate in the Award Type.
  5. Choose your Availability and Expiry selections as described before.
  6. Scroll down to Choose Award Image to choose the image icon that will appear for this certificate.
  7. Click From Existing Library.
  8. Choose an image from the library and click Select.
  9. Scroll down to Choose Certificate Template.
  10. Click From Existing Library.
  11. Click on the Certificate Sample Template links, as shown below, to preview the sample designs. You may also choose to Upload a New Template if desired.

Note: The uploaded template will need to be a PDF with fillable forms to work properly.

  1. Choose the sample template you wish to use and click Select.
  2. Enter the Issuer Name, URL and Issuer Contact, as you desire.
  3. Check the box for Use this Award …. If you are ready to use it.
  4. Click Save. Your new Certificate will be listed in the Course Awards.
Add a Release Condition to an Award
  1. Click on Assessments on the navbar, then click on Awards.
  2. Click on Edit Properties to add a release condition.
  3. Add the Credits awarded for this award, if desired.
  4. Click the box Award hidden until earned to hide your award and its release conditions.
  5. Click the Create button below Release Conditions and a list of release conditions are available from the Condition Type box.
  6. Choose the Condition Type, such as Quizzes, and then Score on a quiz.
  7. Assign the Condition Details to the proper item, such as Quiz Test 1.

NOTE: The Quiz, Assignment, Discussion, etc. must be created to add this condition.

  1. Choose your scoring criteria, such as Greater than or Equal to
  2. Establish your minimum grade to award the badge for, such as 90%.
  3. Click Create, when you have the conditions set as desired.
  4. Review the Release Conditions you have set and click
Add an Existing Award to a Course

Go to the course where you want to add an existing award.

When certificates and badges are available in a course, they appear under Course Awards.

  1. Within the course, click Assessments on the navbar, then Awards.
  2. Click Course Awards to view the awards available for this course.
  3. Click Add Award to Course.
  4. You can filter the list by clicking Show only Awards I Created.
  5. Check the box next to the award and click Add Award to Course.
View Awards Earned by your Class
  1. Click Classlist Awards on the Awards homepage. You will see your list of students and the awards they have earned.
  2. Click All to view all Badges and Certificates awarded or click Badges or Certificates to filter the awards that appear in the list.
  3. Select the Award Leaders Descending drop down box, to sort the order of the list.
  4. Review the Classlist and associated Course Awards.
Manually Grant an Award

Badges and Certificates can be manually awarded, such as for a successful practical part of the quiz.

  1. Click Classlist Awards on the Awards homepage.
  2. Check the box in front of one or more learners in the Classlist to select them.
  3. Click the Issue button from above the list.
  4. Select an Award from the drop-down list, i.e. Chapter 2 Quiz.
  5. Enter a reason for granting the award in the Award Criteria field.
  6. Click Issue.
  7. The new awards will now be visible under Classlist Awards.

Revoke an Award
  1. Click on Classlist Awards on the Awards
  2. Click the box in front of one or more learners in the Classlist that you wish to revoke.
  3. Click Revoke.
  4. Select an Award from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter a reason for revoking the award in the Revoke Reason field.
  6. Click Revoke. Now this award has been removed.


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