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DirectAcccess, VPN, or neither – What do I need?

If you are using D2L or Office 365 (Email, Word, Excel etc., OneDrive, Teams, or BSU Email) you do NOT need either DirectAccess or VPN. Those will work from off BSU and NTC campuses regardless of your device or location. 

DirectAccess allows connectivity for remote users to an organization’s network resources without the need for traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) which we only have a limited number of licenses.

DirectAccess enables us to connect to BSU/NTC campus when you are not on-site so you can access your network drives, printers, and other resources. However, it does not provide a campus-IP address, like VPN does, which can cause some campus resources such as ISRS, MarketPlace, or ImageNow/Perceptive Content not to function.

What works on what?

Office 365 and D2L work without DirectAccess or VPN. Nothing more is needed to connect to those sites.

If you are only concerned with accessing network drives or printers from off campus DirectAccess will work for your needs.

If you need to use the following list of software you will need to use VPN:

  • ISRS
  • ImageNow
  • Perceptive Content/ImageNow
  • Accounting on the Web

How do I know what I have?

To see if you have DirectAccess activated on your computer click on your wireless icon in the lower right corner of your screen in the system tray. If you have BSU NTC DirectAccess listed at the top of that list your machine is activated for DirectAccess.

If you have DirectAccess activated for your device but need VPN, you would first need to disconnect from DirectAccess by following these instructions. Then you can connect to VPN using these instructions.

If you do not have DirectAccess activated on your device and you need to use VPN, you can connect using these instructions.

If you need to have either VPN or DirectAccess added on your device, please email the Help Desk at for assistance.