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Didn’t receive an important email? Check your Other Inbox.

Focused Inbox separates your Office 365 Outlook inbox into two tabs—Focused and Other.

Office 365 Outlook does its best to keep our inboxes relevant to us.  If a message is junk or spam, it gets sent to the Junk Email folder.  If Outlook is uncertain whether a message is junk or legitimate, it will tend to go your Other Inbox.  While this may help keep our Inbox uncluttered, many users report that important messages sent to the Other Inbox are not noticed until too late. 

There are 2 strategies for working with the Focused Inbox:
  1. Disable the Focused Inbox so all message are sent to one, un-sorted inbox.
  2. Be aware of the Other Inbox, and check it regularly.

Here’s how to disable the Focused Inbox so all messages arrive to one, un-sorted inbox:

  1. Log in to Office365, and go to the Outlook app.  Next to your profile picture, click the gear icon, and select the Display setting options.
  2. In the Display Settings, click the tab for Focused Inbox, and select the option you want– messages sorted into Focused and Other; or not sorted.  Click OK to confirm.
  3. Now your messages will combine into a single Inbox.  No sorting.  No Other Inbox!

If you like the function of the Focused Inbox, just remember to check the Other Inbox often so you don’t miss any messages!

Note:  It’s always a good idea to check your Junk mail folder for messages you might have missed.