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How do edit your website’s faculty/staff listing in WordPress

Many sites within the BSU/NTC website multiverse use a Faculty/Staff Listing plugin that pulls information from the directory managed by Human Resources (HR). If this plugin is activated on your website and you have a page dedicated to the faculty and staff for your department, the page itself will appear empty. This means that there will not be a faculty or staff listed in the main content box of the faculty/staff page.

If the plugin is activated for your site then “Faculty/Staff Listing” will appear in the main navigation of your site’s dashboard. It is here that you will manage your department faculty and staff. If you do not see “Faculty/Staff Listing” on the main navigation of your dashboard, contact Rachel.

The current list of faculty and staff for your department are listed when navigating to “Faculty/Staff Listing”. You can click on individual names to enter the editor for that listing. Note: You will only be able to edit titles i.e. chair, director, adjunct, professor, administrator, staff etc. in this field. All directory changes need to be requested through HR.

Removing Faculty/Staff

To remove someone from the existing list hover over their name and use the “Trash” link.

Adding Faculty/Staff

  1. To add someone use the “Add new faculty or staff” button at the top of the page or in the main dashboard navigation.
  2. On the page that loads, start typing the name of the faculty or staff member in the “Title” field. The field will then automatically load a list of individuals that you can choose from. You must choose the name of the individual from the list of suggestions, otherwise it will not work.
  3. In the “Grouping” box, select a category and/or special title if applicable.
  4. Use the “Publish” button to save your work.