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How to replace a document or a photo in your WordPress media library

This process is fairly simple, however when updating documents, please consider using this filter to identify documents that may be crucial to BSU’s or NTC’s general archive:

    • Are you replacing a .pdf or media file that has minor grammar/spelling errors?
      • If so, feel free to replace the document without archiving the original.
    • Are you replacing a strategic plan or outdated plan of action, mission statement, etc. with a revised, up-to-date document or media file?
      • Do you have the original or historical document archived somewhere?
        • If no, please download and archive the original document.
      • Will BSU/NTC or a successor benefit from having the archived data?
        • If yes, please download and archive the original document.

After using the above filter and are prepared to move forward with replacing the .pdf or media file navigate to your media library in the backend editor of WordPress.

Identify and click on the outdated .pdf or media file. This will prompt an “Attachment Details” box with a section where you can replace media. To replace the current file, click “Upload a new file.”

You will be brought to a new “Replace Media Upload screen” where you can upload the new file using the “choose file” button.

You should almost always use the “Replace the file, use new file name and update all links” designation. This will update the document, the title AND it will update all links pointing to the document throughout the BSU/NTC multiverses.