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Requesting service for your printer or copier


If you are having a problem with your printer or copier, contact the help desk before calling Toshiba.

ITS will send out a technician to look at the device and determine if the problem needs to be escalated to Toshiba support teams. Sometimes the issue isn’t too difficult, and an IT staff member can get the device up and running again in a few minutes.

When you do encounter a problem, please submithelp desk ticket.  This will help our technician analyze the issue.

Be sure to include:

  • A callback number you can be reached at
  • The printer’s physical location (Building/Room #)
  • The model number such as HP 4015
  • The T# (located on your machine Toshiba sticker)
  • The type of problem are you experiencing
    • Paper Jam
    • Quality
    • Networking
    • Will Not Turn On
    • Will Not Print
    • Fax Send/Receive Issues
    • Other -Error code if available

If the student worker or staff member determines Toshiba support does need to be brought in, please submit a ticket at: