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How to use the Conference Unit and Make Conference Calls

How to use the conference unit:

1.  Place your call (if you are dialing long distance, you will need your long distance code).

2.  If needed, conference in multiple callers by using the transfer/conference key (see directions below).

3.  Press the blue/grey colored Superkey with the phone on it.

Mitel Super Key and Hold Key

4.  Press Conference Unit.

5.  Press Turn On.

6.  When call is done, press Turn Off. **

  • This step is very important. Failing to terminate calls can result in excessive long distance charges!

If you need to connect a laptop, there is a port on the back of the phone.  There should already be a black cord coming out of the phone for this.  The phone must be plugged directly into the network jack in order for it to operate.

Conference Call:

To form a Conference when a two-party call is already in place, or to add another party to an existing conference.

1.  Press transconf(TRANS/CONF).

Mitel Transfer Conference Button

2.  Dial the number of the next party.

3.  Wait for an answer.

4.  Press transconf(TRANS/CONF).

Leave a conference:

  • Hang up or press cancel(CANCEL).

Conference Split

To split a Conference and speak privately with the original party:

  • Press the Split softkey.