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Installing Smart Board Drivers and Software

Before you can use a SMART board, you’ll need to have the SMART software installed on your computer.

How to install SMART board drivers and Ink:

SMART board drivers and Ink do not need an activation key. They can be downloaded here. SMART Ink allows you to write and draw over most open applications and windows. The ink will stay with the window if it is moved or closed. More information about SMART Ink is available on the SMART website.

How to install SMART Notebook:

An activation key is required for SMART Notebook. You can obtain an activation key from Classroom Technology Services at

To install, download the SMART Notebook software from SMART Technologies. This download included the drivers and Ink, so they don’t need to be downloaded separately.

Enter the activation key at Step 1, then click the arrow at the end of the line. Steps 2-4 will then appear.

At Step 2, select the version of Notebook to download.

At Step 3, choose the Windows or Mac platform.

At Step 4, choose an installer. The Mac platform has only one option. Windows users can select the web installer or USB installer. We recommend choosing the web installer.

Run the installer after it is finished downloading.

If you do not yet have a license key, you can download and install a trial version that will be good for 90 days, and activate it with a permanent license after you receive a license key.