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Logging in to VPN at start up in Windows 7

Cisco-AnyConnect2Establish a secure connection to BSU & NTC networks on your windows computer from any location.

1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to bring up the login screen.VPN3-3fingers

2.  Click on the Switch User button to access additional log in options.VPN1-switchuser

4.  Find and Click the light blue button in the lower right corner with 2 monitors and an arrow on it– next to the red shut down button.VPN3-network-logon

5.  When the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client opens, select BSU-NTC-VPN and click Connect.  VPN1

6.  From the Credential login window, select BSU-StarID or NTC-StarID from the Group drop-down box.  Enter your credentials as follows:

a. Username: or

b. Password: StarID passwordVPN2

7.  Click OK to establish the VPN connection.

8.  You will now be back to the Other User screen where you can log in normally with your or credentials.VPN1-switchuser-39.  Your laptop is now connected to the BSU campus network as if you were actually on campus.

You should only use VPN when you need to work on network drives or special software that can only be run from on campus.