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Memorial Student Group Study Areas

MemorialGroupStudyTVThe flat screen monitors in group study spaces in Memorial are available for anyone to use to display a laptop or tablet screen for group work.

To connect a laptop or tablet:
  1. Turn on the monitor by pressing the On button on the keypad set in the wall to the right of the monitor
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the correct port on the laptop. There is a ring of adapters for various laptop and tablets connected to the HDMI cable. The cable is secured to the wall just below the table, so it may have fallen under the table.
  3. On MacBooks using the HDMI adapter, you may need to go to System Preferences – Sound and select HDMI or Crestron as the sound output.
  4. Power up the laptop. If the laptop display is not shown, press the HDMI button on the keypad, and configure the laptop to send output to a second display.
    • On Windows computers, press the Windows key + P and choose Duplicate in the pop-up window to show the laptop screen on the monitor.
    • On Macintosh computers, go to System Preferences -> Displays -> Arrangement and check the Mirror Displays box to show the laptop screen on the monitor.
  5.  Adjust the volume using the volume control buttons on the keypad, or on the connected device. Please respect classes that are in session by keeping the volume low.
Turn off system
  1. Press the Off button on the touch screen panel when you are done.