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Off-Campus Internet, Computer, and Hotspot Options

Low or No-Cost Internet and Computer Options

This is not a complete list. Check with any local Internet service providers in your area, as many are offering free or reduced-rate service during this time.

  • Charter Communications is offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days in-home with K-12 and/or college students that don’t have an existing Spectrum service level up to 100 Mbps.
  • Comcast is offering ‘Internet Essentials‘ package free for low-income customers for 60 days. There is also an option to buy refurbished low-cost computers.
  • Comcast will offer open free public Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the country, as part of its response to the coronavirus outbreak. It will also eliminate data caps for its customers.
  • Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free – including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers.
  • MIDCO Lifeline – Lifeline is a federal program intended to put a home phone and internet service within the reach of qualifying families – giving low-income households affordable home phone or internet access.
  • Minnesota Office of Broadband Development –  Digital Inclusion: If you are a low-income subscriber residing in either a Comcast, CenturyLink, Charter, or Midcontinent area, you may be eligible for reduced pricing of monthly broadband service.
  • Minnesota Computers for Schools – Lifelong Learners Program: Do you need a computer but have no way of getting one? This may be a program to help. There is an application process, and the student would need a portion filled out by a Learning Partner/Counselor/Social Worker/Job Coach, etc.
  • DEED: Digital inclusion for broadband service. Highlights available programs for low or no-cost options.
  • PCs for People – This option gives the ability to provide low-cost internet and computers to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. The internet access is provided with mobile hot-spots, which would allow students to take it wherever it is needed.
  • Check with your local library.
Cell Phone Hotspots

Check with your cell provider for offers they have to add a mobile hotspot to your plan, many of which are temporarily at no charge.