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Printing to a residence hall printer from personal device, Windows 10.

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You can print directly to a residence hall printer from your personal computer.

Note:  Please remember that these printers are located in the res hall offices.  Print jobs can only be retrieved during office hours. Please consider saving your document to OneDrive and opening and printing from a public lab.

Here are instructions on how to do this within Windows 10:

  1. From your Desktop click the Start button.
  2. Type Control Panel 
  3. Select Control Panel desktop app
  4. Select Devices and Printers
  5. Select Add a printer
  6. Select the printer that I want isn’t listed
  7. Click the Add a Local Printer button.
  8. Choose Create a New Port and select Standard TCP/IP from the drop-down menu.
  9. Click Next.
  10. For the Printer IP Address enter the IP Address for your building:
    1. Birch – or
    2. Linden –
    3. Tamarack – or
    4. Oak – or
    5. Pine – or
  11. Check the Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use, then Click Next.
  12. For the printer name, just use the default and click Next.  Or name it something you will remember…  
  13. Click Print a Test Page to confirm you have set up the printer properly.  
  14. Click Finish to complete the setup process.

Want to print to more printers from your personal device?  Check our our KB on Web Print (