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Publish an Outlook Calendar

Publish an Outlook Calendar to the web to relay important dates and events to campus.

Do you have an Outlook Calendar you’d like to make available for anyone to see?  Office 365’s Outlook makes this easy to do. You can choose which calendar you want to publish, as well as the level of detail that is visible.

To get started you will need a have a calendar to share.  By default, Outlook gives you a personal calendar that is used to track your appointments and events.  You can use that one, or you can create a new one.  For this article, we’ll will assume you want to publish your personal calendar.

  1. Log in to your BSU or NTC Office 365 account.
  2. Find and click to the Calendar app.
  3. Once in the Calendar app, access Calendar settings menu by clicking the gear icon, then clicking Calendar link.
  4. From the Calendar settings page, click Calendar Publishing, then select a calendar and permissions levels.  Click Save to receive updated URL or ICS links.  
  5. Right-click on the HTML or ICS link to Copy link address (or similar).  You can then share that link however you like.  Users that click it will be taken to an online version of this calendar.  As you update the calendar, the changes will reflect on the published one.