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Samsung Digital Presenter Instructions

The Samsung digital presenter is a 720P HD document camera with a 14x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom. It can be used to display three dimensional objects or printed materials such as books on the projector screen.

Turning on the Document Camera

  1. To turn on the document camera, press the red power button at the front of the unit.

Zooming in and Out

  1. To zoom in, press the ZOOM+ button.
  2. To zoom out, press the ZOOM- button.


  1. Auto focus is enabled on every unit.
  2. To manually focus, press the AF button at the front of the unit.


  1. The upper lamp will turn on automatically when the digital presenter is turned on. To turn it off, press the LAMP button.
  2. To adjust the brightness of the illumination, press the BRIGHT+ or BRIGHT- buttons. Reflective objects such as photographs may display better with the lamp off and brightness turned up.


1. Press the FREEZE button on the digital presenter to freeze the current image on the screen. It will continue to display the image even after the object is removed from the presenter base plate.