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Set Up Large Da-Lite Fast-Fold Projector Screen


This article applies to the large 7×9 foot screens owned by Classroom Technology Services, and to the 10×14 foot screen owned by CTS. We recommend having two people to set up these screens, because they are too large for one person to handle alone.

The screen consists of a frame, a screen that snaps onto the frame, and two legs.

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To construct the screen:

  1. Open the rectangular frame and and lay it flat on the floor with the snaps facing up. Lock down all four corner supports.
  2. Match the top of the screen with the top of the frame.
  3. Snap the four corner snaps in place first. Starting at the bottom section, snap the center button. Continue snapping the remaining buttons, then snap the top and sides the same way.
  4. Attach leg to each side of the frame using at least 2 cranks per leg. Don’t tighten the cranks until all have been started.
  5. Stand the screen up and fold down the T-supports on the legs, making sure to lock the corner supports.
  6. When folding the screen after taking it down, make sure the white surface doesn’t come into contact with the black binding, grommets or snap buttons.