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Skype for Business: Adding Contacts

Add people to your contacts list that you communicate with often.  You can group people by functional areas too.

For Internal contacts (BSU-only or NTC-only searches):
  • With Skype for Business open, search for the internal user you wish to add to your contact list.
  • From the returned results, right click (Win) or Control-clicl (Mac) on the contact you want, and add them to the Favorites group or to a Contact List you have created.  
  • NOTE:  Users may have a student account, a student worker account, an employee account, etc.  Be sure you are selecting the correct account when adding the contact.  If you are unsure, inspect their Contact Card for more info.
For External contacts (BSU <–> NTC):
  • Enter the email address of the NTC (or BSU) person you wish to locate.  Follow above instructions to place them in Favorites or Contact List.
For personal Skype accounts (use this for users of Skype’s personal product, not Skype for Business):
  • Ask the person to send you their Skype ID.  They can locate this info from within their Skype client.
  • Enter the Skype ID in the search box.  Select the Skype Directory tab to filter for Skype personal accounts.
  • Follow above instructions to place them in Favorites or Contact List.

Note:  Whenever you add someone to your contact list, a message is sent to that contact alerting them.