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Uploading and Sharing a File with OneDrive for Business

If you need to share a large file or folder, consider uploading it to your Office 365 OneDrive for Business folder and sharing it with a web link (URL).

This is an easy way to share a large file or folder without attaching it to an email.  You upload the file or folder to your OneDrive for Business folder, then share the link.  The recipient will be able to follow the link and browse or download your files or folders.

Logging into OneDrive:

Go to MyBSU or MyNTClog-in, hover over your name in the top left services menu, then click on Office 365 (OneDrive).After you confirm your password at the Office 365 portal, you will be taken to the Office 365 home page.  Click the link for OneDrive to go to the app.

Uploading a file:

In OneDrive you will see your all of your files and folders.  To upload a file, click the upload link or drag and drop your files or folders into this window. In my example, I’ve uploaded the folder “test”.  “Test” has 1 file in it and 2 other folders.

Sharing files in OneDrive:

OneDrive allows you to share files or folders with:

  • BSU (or NTC) staff only
  • anonymously with edit permissions (can add files and folders)
  • anonymously read-only permissions

To begin sharing a file or folder, select the item you want to share by clicking to the left of the item (check box).  Then click the Get link button to bring up the Get Link dialog.

Next, click the permission text (high-lighted here) to open the Permissions settings dialog.

Choose the Access permissions you want for your item from the drop down list. You can also allow edit rights or set sharing expiration options.  Make your choices and click OK.  

This will return you to the Get link dialog where you can copy the URL for your items with the permissions and options you’ve assigned to it.

You can share this URL on a web page or within an email or IM.