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Uploading files to MediaSpace

To upload a video or audio file to your MediaSpace account from a computer:

Log into MediaSpace at with your StarID username and password. This will take you to your My Media page.

Select *Media Upload from the Add New menu
*Other options include recording from Webcam and Kaltura Capture.






Choose a file to upload or Drag & Drop a File.
Once you have selected your file, a copy of it will begin to upload. At the top of the Upload Media window you will see a progress bar.

Once the file upload is complete, you can change the title, add a description, add keywords or tags, and select file access permissions

Select Save to complete the process.

To return to your videos select the My Media page.

When you upload media to your MediaSpace account, you will need to select one of three file sharing permission settings. This setting can be changed later, so pick the setting that best applies at the moment:

  • Private: Only you will be able to access the file. If you are embedding the file into Brightspace using the Insert Stuff function, you can still use this Private setting.
  • Unlisted: Only those with a link to the file that you provide will be able to access it. Select this option if you want to share your video using a direct link to the video that you might share via email.
  • Published: Assign the file to a MediaSpace channel. It will be visible to individuals if it’s published in channels to which they have viewing rights.


How to upload to MediaSpace by smartphone/tablet